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            Corporate Dispute Management Platform Network (CDM Net)

            CDM Net or Corporate Counsel Dispute Management Network is an innovative and progressive concept, administered by LACIAC, to support businesses and corporate counsel in the management of commercial disputes and legal risk.

            Through the establishment of the electronic platform, corporate counsel will have access to materials, training, and a peer dialogue platform, providing guidance in the establishment of corporate policies on dispute management, and facilitating constructive dialogue with a view to shaping the dispute management infrastructure to the benefit of its users.

            Why CDM Net
            There is an increasing need for companies and corporate counsel to manage disputes more efficiently, both with regard to excessive time and cost expenditure, as well as the diversion of top management time and effort, a negative consequence of protracted disputes which is often neglected. The current litigation environment is undeniably hostile towards corporate organisations and in particular multinationals and the justice system as a whole is riddled with flaws, both current and historic.

            CDM Net looks to address and mitigate a number of the hurdles and particularities of the current dispute resolution environment, and considering the current government’s appetite to reform the justice sector, we believe the timing for developing and launching CDM-Net is ideal. Companies are increasingly sensitized to dispute management, and in certain cases have engaged the services of consultant firms to review their dispute management procedures. It is envisaged that the initiative will be well received by companies and corporate counsel, who, most likely driven by the unstable nature of today’s global economy, have been taking an increasing interest in the behind the scenes management of their disputes.

            CDM Net Proposition
            Having regard to the above, it is envisaged that CDM-Net will:

            • Design and implement solutions for effective and cost-efficient dispute management (which benefit their companies and the industry as a whole);
            • Provide a focal point for discussion among corporate counsel actively involved in international arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution;
            • Provide corporate counsel with a network of practitioners between whom experiences, expertise and concerns can be shared;
            • Analyse the concerns and recommendations of corporate counsel, to bring them to the attention of the ADR community through the publication of articles, direct communication with arbitral institutions, participation in various rule committees, and in other reform initiatives; and
            • Interface with relevant authorities (including courts, legislature, the Nigerian Bar Association, the National Judicial Council, and the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria) to establish a more robust system of ethics and values, and speedy and effective complaints mechanisms to eliminate or reduce dispute related risk.

            There is a need for corporate counsel to be involved in shaping the environment for alternative dispute resolution, and equally there is a need for a common forum for companies and corporate counsel to be involved in shaping justice sector reform. CDM Net is the suggested common platform for tackling the above concerns and moving forward.

            CDM Net is currently in its infancy. Once finalised, LACIAC members will have full membership to CDM Net. To find out more about CDM Net please email info@